Monday, September 1, 2014

Half marathon training update and stitch fix

Its September and I forgot to register for the Route 66 half marathon. This means I'll be paying an extra $10. The price for procrastination makes running races expensive. I will need to plan better. I have been running with a buddy and its been great. She's pushing me to go faster. We are comfortably in the 13 minute miles. Today, we did hills and that had me huffing and puffing. We did 5 miles today and 9 miles on Saturday. My feet were a bit sore after Saturdays run but I haven't been achy, which has me pleased.

Recently, I've eaten out and have the photos to prove it.

Fridays lunch was a bento box full of yumminess.

Thursday night, I ordered the fries and the shake at Tucker's. I don't plan on doing that again. The fries weren't that great and I am trying to not gain weight. The shake is a good idea as long as I remember to not drink the entire shake.

I was very pleased with my first stitch fix box. I ordered it because I am no fashion blogger but I want to be fashionable. Since I'm not ready to spend hours catching trends, the stitch fix seems to be the perfect solution. I was not compensated for the stitch fix and I'm looking forward to my next box in October.

I had some misses but there was a big hit in the box.

I absolutely adore this top and I can't wait to wear it on Wednesday. If you don't follow me on Instagram @esthernorine you definitely should. I've been getting back into it and I prefer to post pictures of beer. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Half marathon training update

Today was 8 miles. I started out doing 10 minute runs and 5 minute walks but my pace was creeping up to 14 minute miles. I can go faster. So I switched to 15 minute runs and 5 minute walks. I was able to keep my pace below 14 minutes. I crossed too many streets and had to back track once to get water. All of that meant I was over 8 miles by the finish.

Later on, I went out to lunch with a friend. I was not hungry because I had just polished off a bagel breakfast sandwich about an hour before we went out. I had a salad and she had blackened shrimp risotto.

After getting my food for the week, I came home for a well deserved two hour nap.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Half marathon training update and a sandwich

I went to firehouse subs today for lunch and it was a delicious choice. 

I'm on one track right now as I get closer to my first half marathon. Today we ran 4 miles, which was good but we meant to run 5. Tomorrow, I'll be running three miles at the pack pint run and my reward will be beer.

The half is October 5 and I'm very excited to run! I have a strength class tomorrow in the morning because I've learned through the grapevine that strength training helps runners. (I've just read that randomly online but the principle seems sound.)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Half marathon training update & A weekend recap

Looking at my posts, I've realized, just now, that I have been on the same title for quite some time. Then again, training takes up lots of time and energy. Today, I ran 3 miles. I'm hovering around the 15 minute miles. I need to find some speed one of these days. Haha!

Last weekend, the inlaws visited, which was a first in over 10 years. We got caught up on events and we introduced them to Oklahoma City. Friday, we spent hours at the Toyota dealership because somebody felt the oil had to be changed. Then lunch at Cafe Plaid in, Norman Oklahoma, across from the university of Oklahoma campus. Dinner was delicious at the Picasso cafe in the Paseo district.

We went to the myriad gardens and the museum of art o Saturday.  Sunday was their 40th anniversary and we had a great dinner at Redrocks Canyon Grill. We ended the weekend with a gorgeous sunset over Lake Hefner (I do most of my long runs around this lake). Hopefully, they appreciated our hospitality and will come back to visit soon.

Me and Kathy.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Half marathon training update

Dear friends,
It's been too long since my last update. Today's run was 7 miles, one hour 38 minutes with an average 14 minute mile. I felt great during and after. I was running in 10 minute intervals and 5 minute walks. 

Apparently, I've outrun these shoes but I'm not giving up on them until after the half marathons. I plan on running one in October and November. This all seems so crazy but I know that its doable.

Here is my food prep for the week. I have a need to eat healthy but I hate to chop. Nature has that taken care of for me: sugar snap peas, grapes, strawberries, grape tomatoes, bananas, and I made hard boiled eggs. I've seen a lot of tips for eating healthy but none fit my lazy style. Truthfully, being as lazy as I am doesn't have to mean poor eating. I call these boxes my snack boxes.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Half marathon training

Today, I ran 3 miles and I went a tad faster. Just under 45 minutes. It felt good and I was really red afterwards. Here's my running shoes when I was stretching.

I was so red and flush in my face when I was finished. I've recently learned that I need to hydrate during my run and not just before/after. I'm currently drinking from a Tervis Tumbler. These are great cups, double walled and a straw. It's easier to hydrate with a straw.

I went to a pizza place for dinner with a friend and failed to take a photo. Guess I'll have to go back. ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Half marathon training

Friday, I made it to 3.44 miles before a stinky person on the treadmill next to me broke my concentration. He smelled of at least four distinct scents and I couldn't take the last mile. I tried to go faster but my abs didn't agree with that idea and I had intense pain on my right side.

I need to get some better running photos. For right now, kitty photos will do. Yesterday's run was a repeat of the same pain except it started at half a mile. The pain was enough to slow me to a walk. I went the wrong way but caught up with Sheila and she helped me speed up. I went from a 16 minute mile pace to a 15:29. Another four miles in the books. 

Yesterday we celebrated our birthdays and our anniversary. Most of my photos are of the drinks. The drinks were good but rendered me useless today. We celebrated in style and stayed at aloft. Its a nice property. I'd stay there again if the opportunity comes up.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Half marathon training

Today, I ran 4 easy miles and my pace was around 15 minute miles. It was a good run. I had to slow down slightly because my abs were hurting a little. I'm not sure why I get this problem but hopefully it will work itself out as I get stronger. 
Monday night, I went to La Baguette for dinner with friends. It was Bastille day and the restaurant was decorated with balloons. I had a burger and dessert. I had hardly any self control. I didn't eat a lot of the fries and I ate half of that chocolate bomb. Yesterday, I added in a slice of zucchini bread and some frozen yogurt. These splurges are getting out if control and its time to reign things back to normal.
Next training run is Friday and I plan to officially register for the race. Yay!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Half marathon training has begun.

Today was my first training run in a 12 week program for half marathons. I'll be following this schedule:
I'm going to modify it slightly because I have body pump classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Hopefully, that won't be too hard on my system. I think the most I can do on a weekday morning would be 5 miles, so that's another adjustment. I'm really excited! This is a big goal! Running has been good for me and this finish line will be just the motivation I need to get into high gear!
Last Wednesday there was an informational meeting with a short run and sno-cones. I loved the sno-cone truck and took a selfie. Too bad the sun was blinding me to death. I will be running the Spirit of Survival half which is in Lawton, Oklahoma and benefits cancer research. I love runs that support good causes! It makes me feel good about spending the money on a race. The race is October 5th. 
Today's run was 3 miles and I had no problems on the treadmill. My abs hurt for a little bit but I managed to get over that hump. I was running a 15 minute mile, which is slow and is my easy pace. The last few treadmill runs before today have been awful and I was nervous that trend would continue. 
I'd like to buy this shirt or make it myself. Haha!