Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weighing in and half marathon training

Selfie from Thursday night's Pack Pint run:
I found another pound today. In a minute you'll figure out why by checking out the photos in this post. It's only 66 days until Sandals Reunion Week! Sunday, I stepped on a curb wrong and I've been walking to let my ankle heal. Walking feels fine and I've been getting in my miles according to the training calendar. I plan on getting back to running Saturday. I worked out for about 20 minutes with a gym friend and now I can't sneeze or laugh without hurting. Haha! Onto the pics!
Reason #1 for gaining 1 pound:beer. 
Reason #2 for gaining 1 pound:cheese with the pretzel. 
Reason #3 for gaining 1 pound:baby beer. 
Reason #4 for gaining 1 pound:hot dog and fry. 
Reason #5 for gaining 1 pound:beer Sunday. Maybe this weekend will be different. It looks cold and may motivate me to stay home. I think I'll still find beer. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weigh in Thursday - Half Marathon training update

I am late to the weigh in wednesday crowd but I still want in! I'm linking up with Erin at She's A Big Star, Ashley at Ash's Right Direction, and Heather at Pretty Strong Medicine.
Not sure if that is visible or not but I did lose 2.2 pounds since my last weigh in of over a month ago! I'll take that loss as a win! The half marathon is moving along smoothly and today I ran 5 miles in the morning. And at lunch, I stuffed myself on BBQ meat, BBQ sauce, and the berry cobbler. The win here is that I didn't eat any of the other sides (holla at ya mac and cheese, I missed ya!). It was tough but it wasn't that bad.
Just a little reminder to myself, that it is only 71 days until I head off to Sandals Reunion week and Antigua. I can't wait! And I was over the moon excited when my bloggy bff, Kristin at Kristin's kNook took my suggestion and tried a pizza place in Denver. I'm sorry the service wasn't there but the crust is delicious right? You have to go to her blog to check out her pics. Its been too long since I've been in Denver.
Finally, the Go Girl half marathon is before my Antigua trip and I'm logging more miles. Saturday will be 7 miles and the ramping up will continue until March 22nd. Woot! Woot!
Linking also with Kristin at Kristin's kNook and Joey at Hodges Podges for Stuff and things.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Music and half marathon training

Please enjoy these unrelated photos from the weekend.

As a musician, it's difficult to improve because it's my hobby. I've been playing since I was a little kid but I get overwhelmed easily even today. I think it's also hard because I'm not a genius or virtuoso. In an attempt to improve, I've been listening to the radio. Any and all music that I can find. 
My goal is to listen to more music to inspire me and give me ideas and recognize more patterns. It's good ear training. What I've listened to has been interesting. 
In other news, I got my hair colored after I rocked 6 miles. Woohoo!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Things I'm doing.

Happy Friday friends!

A little selfie action from last nights pack pint run at Red Coyote in Oklahoma City. Come out and run for a free beer if you're here! 

1. I'm currently working on my nutrition or as other bloggers like skinny Meg call it, macros or if it fits your macros or iifym. I'm not doing a good job, yet. 
Not good (today) and it will not get better. 
Good job! That's what I'm working towards. 
2. I bought another item for my beer brewing plans. No pic yet. It's just a box of hops and other ingredients. 
3. I'm using the vitality app from my job to log points. Apparently points can turn into gift cards. Score!
5. I'm using untapped as well. Friend me on there too!
I need to get more into this app. 1 friend is pretty sad! 
6. I'm fasting from Pinterest and the Simpsons game so I can pray and read more. It's a two week fast and I will be back at both when the fast is over. 
7. It's only 77 days until my amazing trip to Sandals! I can't wait!
8. We have a winter heat wave to enjoy some winter biking and running and drinking. I'll partake in all of the above. 
8. I'm blogging on my iPhone and hence no links to skinny Meg, sandals, or any other place. No linking up with other blogs either, or might just post the url. Also I ended up with tons of screen shots. Hopefully that's not too annoying. 
9. Half marathon training will continue with 6 miles tomorrow morning. Woot! Woot!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weigh in Wednesday and Half Marathon Training

Weigh In Wednesday

This is my second attempt at blogging today. My first attempt was spoiled by my copying and pasting from Facebook. It looked so horrible, I had to just delete it. I'm blogging online to link up with Heather, Ash, and Erin. I usually blog on the trusty iPhone but the blogger app does not allow for any HTML. (Shouldn't that be an option?)

Here I am after the Spirit of Survival, my very first half marathon. I was in good shape. Today, not so much. I have gained those pesky 10 pounds again. This is possibly the fourth time I've had to shed those same pounds, which is rather annoying. I have 79 days until my trip to Sandals and I want to be comfortable in a bikini.

I need to make progress! This will happen with my current half marathon training and the race is before the trip! Tomorrow, I'll be running 5 miles. I have been focusing on nutrition and specifically trying to keep to the recommended ratios on Myfitnesspal: 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat, 15 % protien and net calories of 1290.
Me, before the Route 66 half marathon. I know with all this training for half marathons, the weight and inches will be where I need them. The clothes shouldn't feel so tight. I'll be ready for the beach before I get there. I haven't actually weighed in but I'll get around to the scale later. Is anyone else running the Go Girl half in OKC? Do you want to friend me on Myfitnesspal (username: esthernorine) or the Nike app? Sorry for the old photos and going link crazy but all my photos are on my phone and since I'm on the website, I might as well make my links.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pizzeria Gusto and half marathon training

We went here Saturday night and while I loved the food, Blue did not. (Blue is my husband and that's his nickname.) he didn't like the beer two selection and the pizza had exotic vegetables that he did not enjoy. 

I enjoyed the apps and the pizza. I actually like vegetables. 

I can agree on the beer selection though. There was no stand out beers that grabbed my attention. 

I managed to snag the last slice. Between all five of us, there were two apps and two pizzas and not a left over bite. 

After that, we went to The Pump where I drank too much and can't remember tabbing out. I'm pretty sure I did pay the bill though. 

Yesterday was three miles and today was four. I'm really loving the Nike app and getting cheers from Facebook during my run. Are you on the Nike app? Friend me and I'll challenge you to a race. It'll be fun! Are you on Facebook? Friend me and cheer me on! Are you on myfitnesspal? Friend me there too and I'll like your posts and successes. 

Happy Tuesday friends!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

We have a free membership to the museum through my husband's work and it has been awhile since we've visited. We checked out the young artists of China exhibit and it was good. Before this, there were pieces from the Louvre and that was exciting to check out.

The permanent exhibit is from Dale Chihuly and I love his work. It's vibrant and playful. It's almost as if he has created another world from glass. The other permanent exhibits are good but don't need much time to see. We were in and out in about an hour. A nice Sunday afternoon diversion.

This is a display that patrons contributed to. The question was what defines your generation and it was broken up by gen y, gen x, baby boomers and so on. I thought it was interesting to see the different responses. I also learned that the museum offers classes to teach people how to create art through various mediums. There was a glass blowing class that had my interest. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Half marathon training update and Cafe Evoke

Today, I finished a very cold 5 miles with my friends, Deirdre and Rachel. It wasn't too windy but the temperature was around 20 degrees. I bundled up in tons of layers because it was so cold. 

Me and Rachel after we got inside. 

We went to Cafe Evoke in Edmond Oklahoma. The warm drinks and breakfast burritos hit the spot. 

Hot chocolate. 

They got my name wrong but I'm used to it. 

Breakfast burrito. 

The waffles look good and I may have to get that next time. 

I've been working on nutrition because the same 10 pounds came back. Uninvited of course. I'm in a different place in my weight loss journey. I'm training for another half marathon and I know nutrition will help get me there. I also need some strength training. This should help me speed up and have good form. 

I didn't take a photo because it was dark last night but the kitties have been cold and cuddling closer.