Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chili competition

I had the displeasure of taking today off so I could work on Saturday. I struggle with staying positive about that. 
I took the day to be productive. I went to body pump. I got the oil changed. I also went to lunch with a friend. 
I had a beer with that lunch. 
Then I went home to make the chili for Friday's chili champ competition at work. (See work isn't all that bad. I just hate working Saturdays.) 
I suffered through chopping the onion with the bread knife. I need to buy a real knife set. I guess I'm too cheap and or too lazy to be bothered with buying proper utensils for my kitchen. 
I managed to chop it all up. 
A smattering of ingredients. I'm not sure how I decided to ensure no labels could possibly be seen. 
Ground beef browning to perfection!
Mix in the veggies to simmer. 
The final beautiful product. Now click the link to Kristin's blog stuff and things in my side bar. It's called company chili on her website and there is a secret ingredient not shown here. 
Snickerdoodles were also made for Friday's festivities. We will have full bellies and I will be popular with my cookies. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Successful Sunday

Today, I completed 2 races! The first was the Spirit of Survival in Lawton. I had to get up very early and drive 80 miles. 
Pre race selfies always have such big smiles!
The sunrise was enchanting. I ended up running for 3 hours and 59 seconds. I was so close to a sub 3 hour half. There's always next time. 
I spent loads of time thinking of brewery names because I'm rebranding my blog. I've enjoyed brewing so much that I want to keep learning and improving. 
Here are 3 of my ideas:
1 - Half Crazy Brewing
2 - Beached Brewery
3 - Big Diddy Brewing
The first is my favorite because it combines my love of running with my love of beer. I will need to complete Google searches to see if these are taken already. 
I was disappointed because I could have gone faster. Oh well!
The second race was Runtoberfest sponsored by Red Coyote and Coop Ale Works. 
Im still smiling but I am feeling sore. I forgot to stretch and drove 80 miles back home. #oops #runnerfail
Yes, this is my personal slowest 5k ever but it was worth it to cross both finish lines and this had a beer waiting for me. 
We had a grand time drinking the beer and admiring the steins. 
All smiles at the end! I think the stein is ceramic and there is an ad on the back which I will cover up with a sticker. Sorry Bob Moore.
The kitties are cuddling more lately. What do you think of my brewery names? I'm open to suggestions. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thankful Thursday

There's a lot of things to be thankful for. My health, my family's health, my job and my kitties. I think it's important to reflect on positive things. I had the interview today and I'll find out about the job later. I'm very nervous to find out whether I got it or not. Either way, I still have a good job.