Friday, May 22, 2015

A Match May'd in Heaven, vegetarian dinner by Picasso Cafe

We are not vegetarians but we do enjoy this dinner. It's nice to try something new and different. 
Naturally, I had to enjoy a pre-dinner drink. Personally, I wanted sparkling white wine but I didn't like the price. Why do drinks have to be so expensive?
The first wine is, Wine by Joe, Pinot Gris from Willamette Valley Oregon. (Or as I call it, home.) It was a good wine but we usually only buy reds since that's what we both drink. 
This is bacon and eggs and its vegan bacon. It was delicious. I'm sure some yummy olive oil or something similar was used. Loved it!
The next wine is from Dry Creek Vineyards from Dry Creek Valley California. It's a Chenin blanc and I'm not sure exactly what that means but it was good to me. 
This is the grilled cheese and tomatoe soup. I think this was my favorite. You know, cheese. I dipped my sandwich until I ran out. The soup was tasty too. This truly is the quintessential combination. 
I didn't expect a rosé before dessert but here it is. From Borsoa in Campo De Borja, Spain. It was pink and sweet and enjoyable. 
This is the pea tendrils with roasted carrot purée and house made goat cheese. Blue was quite impressed because he is not a fan of carrots. I thought the goat cheese was the star of this plate. You know, cheese. 
This was the winning wine of the evening. Castle Rock in Monterey California and it is their Pinot Noir. We loved it and would like the whole bottle to enjoy. I'll have Blue buy it for me. 
Can you believe I'm at the fourth course and there's still dessert? This was the quinoa meatballs and spaghetti and those aren't noodles. It's spaghetti squash. This was considered the main course but the portion was perfect. We had room for dessert too. The quinoa meatballs were delicious. 
Finally, I got my sparkling white wine. Lamberti in Veneto Italy made this Prosecco and I loved those bubbles tantalizing my tongue. 
Dessert did not disappoint. Peaches and cream. Peaches Melba with house made cheesecake ice cream. Fantastic! We will miss out on June's vegetarian dinner. Expect to see this again in July.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Upcoming on the blog

Actual posts don't happen when there is a 5am wake up call. I will have a post on the vegetarian dinner at Picasso cafe and the Red Earth Brewers May club meeting. 
I call this superman Chomps. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Biking with Pizzeria Gusto

I'm more of a casual cruising biker and these folks are more of a serious hard core bikers. All was well though and I managed 8 miles some of which was on my own. 
I received multiple compliments on my bike and I'm not surprised. It's cute. 
Everyone has their road bikes and bike helmets and then there was me with a cruiser bike and watermelon helmet. I did get compliments on the helmet too. Ha!
The bell was quite useful and I rang it through intersections and other reasons. 
After getting back it was time for food and I ordered these delicious meatballs. I met another biker who ordered the gnocchi. 
So yummy! It was a great ride. They do it every Monday night with good weather and meet in the back. I'll go again if the weather cooperates. My only complaint is that I was told there'd be a 10% discount off small plates (see first picture) and that didn't happen. Oh well. I didn't have time to get into that. It was dark and my head lamp was at home.